Family Photo

I snapped this and several other photos of the group about ten days back.

 Llama, ovine, bovine, canine and equine (one of these things is not quite like the other :-) )

The guardian dog is Zeus. He was born here (out of Lady by Whiskey) and we raised him from a pup and he is proving to be a very valuable boy. Not just for his protective abilities but because of what this photo displays. This dog is comfortable with all these species of animals (although less so with the horses). We really just need our lgd’s to be bonded to sheep but having one who accepts the llama, cows, and horses is a bonus.

His partner Willow was equally accepting of the variety of animals we put with her and I like to think some teaching took place between them because Willow was like that. Willow had been a partner to Zeus for his whole two years of life, however, she was one of the dogs we lost in December.  Zeus is having to work solo for now.  

I am tempted to place him with the main pack but my gut wins out and it says no, not right now. Diesel and Whiskey are pretty formidable male characters and with the current pack structure of three males and one female I feel they would displace Zeus from their group. Besides that though, I don’t relish spending the amount of time needed to monitor dogs, outdoors, in the midst of winter. I will give it some time and plan some changes for the Spring.