Peaceful Aftermath

Yesterday was dangerously windy and way too warm for January on the prairies. The snow was melting. 

I know the ewes do not like to travel when high winds are accompanied with snow or rain but there was no precipitation with this wind so I still opted to feed them out in the open rather than at their shelter. It was so windy the sheep did not want to leave the comfort of the bush that blocked the wind, not even to eat. As I rolled the hay out I watched it blow away. I stopped after the first bale.

I allowed the ewes to decide when to head out rather than make them go. They did get hungry enough and ventured out but they were heading back in before regular evening tuck up time.

Remarkably there is no damage here. There was a good deal of damage in nearby areas though and once again I am reminded that animals have great sense when it comes to knowing what the weather is about.

Today was gorgeously comfortable and almost made up for yesterday, which was a good thing since I had to muck around with one of the water bowls.  20 hours of relentless wind froze it solid.

This evening I took some time to sit in the snow, at peace with a winter evening, camera in hand, and watch some very special stock dogs enjoying the evening.

Missing from every group shot is Jayde;  that's her fuzzy head in the bottom corner

Looking zen

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