Retreat and Return

I'm back.

I took a bit of a retreat; not the kind where you go away to a quiet, warm, place of simplicity, but the kind where you internally retreat and deliberately don't think or do much beyond what you need to. I needed time and space to absorb the sudden loss of two of the guardian dogs.

When I was ready to come back here the extreme cold and wind played interference with our Internet service for a few days. Another thing completely out of my control which seems to be a theme for me lately.

With the extreme cold I do feel as though I am in the wrong line of work. Thankfully I understand winter does have an end, and blessedly the sheep and dogs don't fret about it. They take what comes. The sheep are fairing very well. One move I am very grateful I made is thoroughly culling unfit ewes before winter set in. Those cull ewes would surely be in trouble in cold weather like this.

We are putting the tractor to good use with feeding and moving snow. Well truthfully, Allen does the majority of the snow removal on the days he is home. I do try but it is oh-so-much quicker if he is at the wheel. The amount of snow is odd given how cold it has been. Typically there is very little snowfall here when there is deep cold.

Life is pretty settled here. It was not at all difficult to retreat without needing to go anywhere. There is always the warm and cozy spot, right where the sun shines in and Kelpies curl up. :)


  1. I am sorry for your loss. Good to know the sheep are managing the cold. Best wishes for 2014...

  2. Arlette, I am sorry to hear that you lost two of your guardian dogs. It is always heartbreaking to lose a friend and a protector.


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